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L Outdoor Wasserdicht Trockensack für Camping Wandern Schwimmen Rafting Kajak Taschen Pouch

L Outdoor Wasserdicht Trockensack für Camping Wandern Schwimmen Rafting Kajak Taschen Pouch

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The Aolikes River Trekking Bag is the ultimate companion for outdoor enthusiasts embarking on river trekking adventures. Crafted from durable PVC material, this waterproof dry bag is designed to withstand the rigors of river exploration. With a generous 10L capacity, it offers ample space to store your essential gear and belongings. Aolikes has thoughtfully incorporated a range of features to enhance your experience, including a swimming dry bag, camping dry pouch, and kayaking river trekking bags. Whether you're camping, drifting, hiking, or swimming, this versatile bag has you covered. Available in various sizes, from the spacious 70L version for extended expeditions to the compact 5L option for day trips, these bags provide the perfect fit for your needs. The three-dimensional sizes ensure a comfortable and secure carry, making the Aolikes River Trekking Bag the ideal choice for adventurers seeking both functionality and reliability.


Type of sports: River Trekking


Material: PVC

Feature 5: Swimming Dry Bag

Feature 4: Camping Dry Pouch

Feature 3: Kayaking River Trekking Bags

Feature 2: Camping Drifting Hiking Swimming Bag

Feature 1: Outdoor Waterproof Dry Bag

Capacity: 10L

Brand Name: Aolikes

70L: 72cm in length and 60cm in width

40L: 63cm long 49cm wide

20L: 53cm long 39cm wide

10L: 40cm in length and 33cm in width

5L: 38cm long and 27cm wide

Three-dimensional size

70L: 63cm long and 34cm wide

40L: 54cm in length and 30cm in width

20L: 48cm in length and 24cm in width

10L: 36cm in length and 20cm in width

5L: 32cm in length and 16cm in width

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